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Afilias floats and raises $100m

Afilias as many of you know are the Registry Operator for the .INFO, .MOBI and .PRO – They have also picked up some new GTLD’s including .Organic, .Black and are handling the backend for the likes of .Vegas and others. There revenue were $77 Million in 2013 – That’s a decent chuck of change & operate with a margin […]

Tell us your most recent Hand Registered Domains.

So many people keep telling us that all the good DOT COM’s are gone, while I agree that many have already been taken they are still some great DOT COM domain names with type in traffic available to hand register today. If you are like me currently sticking with DOT COM – You can still […]

Have you invested in dot club? Eurodns interview with .Club CEO

As I have stated many times before, I have not invested in any .GTLD’s and while I can see some opportunities, I am staying 100% neutral on the subject, Below is an interview certainly worth a read from Have you invested in any .CLUB Domains? If yes why not share them in the comments below… […]

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