1-800-Flowers is going after 1800.Flowers GTLD owner

1-800-Flowers is a popular online florist who vigorously protects their brand has raised a number of disputes over the years, They launched case number D2020-0852 against the owner of 1800.Flowers, The domain name was registered on the 4th of December 2019 and is under privacy protection with 101 domains holding page – The registration cost at 101 domains for a .Flowers is normally $160, however, they have a sale for $99 on the . Flowers GTLD, have you invested in any .Flowers domain names and would you register and risk $160 to then fight a WIPO case against 1-800-Flowers?

1-800-Flowers has filed WIPO cases in 2006, 2009,  2012, 2016, 2017 & now in 2020 to protect there 1-800-Flowers brand.

In each of these cases 1-800-Flowers.com, Inc won the domain names and had them transferred over to them.

Case D2017-0971 – 1800flowersshop.com

Case D2016-1883 – 1800flowers-com.com

Case D2012-0270 – 1800iflowers.com

Case D2009-0467 – 1800basket.com

Case D2009-0325 – 1800flowers.org

Case D2006-0977 – fanneimay.com, fannemay.com, fannimay.com, 180flowers.com, 18000flower.com

What do you think shall be the outcome of this WIPO case for 1800.Flowers?

Should 1-800-Flowers.com,Inc just have paid the $99 to register the domain name already to protect their brand especially when exact match GTLD’s were being touted as the next best thing to Dot Com domain names? This is what the sunrise trademark protection period was designed to protect brand/trademark owners so they really should have purchased then instead of having to now fight a WIPO case, especially when they already bought 1-800.Flowers in the sunrise period back in 2015 which doesn’t resolve or forward but why not get 1800.Flowers at the same time?

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