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Domain Privacy is something that not every company or person uses, some people use it because they don’t want to be contacted with spam, others use it as they don’t want anyone knowing who owns the domain name but it is big business with thousands of domains registered every day. Virtually every domain registrar offers Domain Privacy – GoDaddy.com give you it free for one year if you registered 6 domains at one time others charge a small fee of a few dollars per domain.

Abdicar has launched MakeDomainPrivate.com which is offering Lifetime privacy on your domains.

Below is a chart taken from their site…

Domain Name Registration Comparison Chart

Domain Privacy Service
10 year price
Make Domain Private . com
$10 lifetime

* These Registrars have opted to give our service for free when clients purchase the domain names through them.


MakeDomainPrivate.com was launched today bringing a new LIFETIME alternative for making domain names private for $10.

“With the average Private Domain Service offered in the market at $9.99 per year, our $10 LIFETIME domain privacy option comes to really satisfy the customer that wants Domain Privacy at an affordable price” L.H. Arroyo, Operations Director explains.

“We can offer Who is privacy for 10 years or any other number. Thanks to our big infrastructure we are able to handle and guarantee that with a one-time payment we’re going to keep your domain name private, without ever paying again for your custom Who is domain privacy” he continues.

Created by a corporation that is one of the leaders in the hosting industry, with more than 10 years experience in web hosting (http://abdicar.com), MakeDomainPrivate.com seems as an excellent option for customers looking for a good deal.

More info about this Domain Name Privacy Service at http://makedomainprivate.com

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