and Sold for $528,000 USD

Whois XML Api and Sold for $528,000 USD, Australian company Pixel Capital Pty Ltd has added two more top domain names to its portfolio of web sites.

Pixel Capital Pty certainly know what they are looking for in domain name investments last year they purchased for $138,000 USD the second highest .net sale of 2011.

There first major domain purchase that I know about was in 2009 when they bought for $160,000 AUD which is the highest confirmed sale of the cctld

Pixel Capital founder, Roland B. Bleyer, said: “The site will have a sharing community focus. We are finalising arrangements with four charities across the globe to which we will donate 10% of our profits. We will also be rewarding travelers to share their stories and tips. will encourage a strong social media interaction.”

“For me, the growth in domain name value far eclipses that of traditional, physical real estate. While we have seen the property market show low to negative returns in recent times, the domain market continues to deliver for investors that are willing to take up the charge. With minimal upkeep (domain renewal fees) and a market that is growing at such high rates I believe that domain names should be part of a balanced investment portfolio.”

You can read more about it here.

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