American Bankers Association applies for .bank

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American Bankers Association (ABA) hopes to stop banking fraud by applying to run and operate the GTLD .bank along with Financial Services Roundtable.

Doug Johnson, who oversees risk management policy for the ABA, says the ABA and the Roundtable believe if .bank is approved, it should be managed by an unbiased entity or entities with financial-services expertise. He goes on to say The .bank domain-naming initiative also will give customers greater confidence that the site they’re doing business with is legitimate. “That could lend itself toward a higher degree of confidence and security in the overall environment,”

ABA does have competition from one other applicant who also wants run .bank – Directi has applied for .bank aswell as 31 other new GTLDS and they have already put $30,000,000 down for these 31 applications so they are a company that is serious about purchasing new GTLDS.

ABA has suggested to ICANN a checklist of 31 questions for applicants that it believe should be able to meet not just to operate .bank but also to operate any similar GTLDS.

So who do you think ICANN shall choose to operate .bank?

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