Apple is going after in Poland

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Apple is going after in Poland – Apple Inc has filed the request for invalidation of the trademark for A.PL for goods and services in Class 9, 35 and 42 the domain name is currently owned by the Polish company Internet S.A. from Warszawa and it operates a polish supermarket website on the domain name

The main arguments presented by Apple Inc were based on confusing similarity between the sign A.PL and national and Community trade marks that are owned by Apple Inc.

The case has been adjourned and further details are to follow but really what would apple want with this domain name? It hasn’t tried to obtain yet just block its trademark…

The only reason I can see Apple want this is to use as a url shortener but with the amount of cash in the bank that apple has surely they could just buy it from them.

I can’t see how the domain is confusing similar to Apple inc trademarks but I guess we shall wait and see.

Whats your thoughts? You can read more about the story here.

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