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Morning All, I came across this post on NamePros.com where LOX has created a thread to discuss the changes coming to .AU later this year, I have some first-hand experience of this being based in the UK when we launched .UK a number of years ago after having owned a number of .co.uk websites, we have chosen to keep ZERO .UK domain names that we had grandfathered to us, Defensively it makes sense if you own a brand to have the matching .UK, however for domain name investors there is no real benefit.

Most of my .co.uk portfolio sits with 123-Reg who automatically put the grandfathered domains into our accounts, with the option to renew or not… We choose the latter and the reasons why… For the year we had them they didn’t generate any traffic… Even now a number of years after the .UK extension .co.uk still dominates the commercial landscape for businesses, yes there are .UK outheir but most companies operate on the .co.uk and I don’t see that changing, being honest we have divested most of our .co.uk portfolio, while I was always 90%+ Dot Com, these days its more like 98% sits in Dot Com and we have a few others in .org, .co.uk and .io

All I see coming from this is confusion from the public, hurt to domain investors who now need to carry two renewals instead of one, and ultimately failure of the shorten extension in the long run… What do you think?

Check out this thread over on NamePros by clicking here.

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