Business Tips – Buy A Strong Domain Thats Your Brand

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Business Tips – Buy A Strong Domain Thats Your Brand

An article today in Sydney Morning Herald where the writer covers the point about having a strong brand – Ensure you own domain that fits your business and is also your brand.

It is the simple things that separate Small Home Businesses from being thought of as mom and pop run operations and this article has some of the simplest things that all companies be it domainers trying to sell a domain to an end user or someone setting up a company should think about.

These are my top three from the article but its worth checking it out incase there are other points that you could use.

Consistent branding

Nothing says small business more than an email address like, says Nyree McKenzie of marketing consultancy Thought Bubble.

So make sure all of your businesses’ branding looks professional and is consistent across everything the business does. “At every touch point of your business, from your website to the invoices you send out, you need to have a very strong brand, because that screams small or large,” McKenzie says. “If you’re looking amateur, people will see you as amateur.”

Make sure your invoices feature your branding and logo rather than being torn from a generic invoice book. Also, ensure that your website domain name and email addresses are specific to the business, and not generic.”

Professional websites

There’s no excuse for having an amateurish website. Chris Dale of MarketingHQ says “really good” website templates are available for a little over $1000 and for about $3500 you can get a custom designed website.

“It doesn’t have to have war and peace on it, but you need more than a couple of pages on your website to look legitimate,” says Dale. “It should include testimonials and a fair bit of content about what you do.

Multiple email addresses

Even if you’re a one-man band, you can look as if you have more staff by creating multiple email addresses, says Dale. For instance, you could create an and use that for all account emails. Your website could contain an address such as

Other business advisors have suggested using different numbers for different “departments” of your business that all route back to you. But unless you’re a very good actor, you risk getting caught out.

Sometime branded domains aren’t always available for you to register using sites like or – You need to buy a domain name from a secondary marketplace like,, or

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