[BUYING] Looking for LLL.com or 1 word premium .com for $20k

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Today: MTA tried to take away my domain Metrocard.Nyc / What’s your day job? / FAQs.com Sold for $7,905; hg989.com for $3,853 / And more.

Here are the new discussions and domain name news that caught my eye today:

4 LLLL.coms, what are they worth? bsmh.com – What do you think the value is on this batch of 4 letter .com’s?

Transferring a domain w/ WHOIS Privacy? – Did anyone else know that they had to remove privacy settings to transfer?

Hibernating on domain investments – Is it time to sit back and wait till the dust settles in the industry before investing more?

MTA tried to take away my domain Metrocard.Nyc – This just goes to show that you should do a lot of research prior to investing to domains with potential trademarks.

FAQs.com Sold for $7,905; hg989.com for $3,853 – Some recent sales reports to get you motivated.

What’s your day job? – Domain investors come from all walks of life and most are not full time in domaining. Learn what other investors actually do for a living and share your story as well.

[BUYING] Looking for LLL.com or 1 word premium .com for $20k – Be sure to double check your portfolio for one of these. This buyer is serious about their investments.

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