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Today:   One Picture that Tells You About the Heavy Competition of Chinese Market / Please appraise omellette.com / CodeFactory.com Sold for $25,000; Refunder.com for $10,000 / And more.

Here are the new discussions and domain name news that caught my eye today.

thermalsuits.com – If you were to appraise this domain, how much would you say it’s wirth?

OneThird.com Sold for $8,800; TopHealth.com for $3,533 – Some recent domain sales reports to get your blood pumping.

Please appraise omellette.com – What kind of value would you put on this domain?

CodeFactory.com Sold for $25,000; Refunder.com for $10,000 – Some more reported domain sales to get you motivated.

One Picture that Tells You About the Heavy Competition of Chinese Market – Check out some of this competition in China,

[BUYING] Short Brandable Affiliate Domain – Be sure to check you portfolio for one of these.

WTB LLL.in – All letters accepted! – Double check your portfolio for one of these as well. Tjis investor is ready to buy.

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