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Whois XML Api For Sale by, Peter Brooks is representing the owner of the domain name

I wanted to offer you the chance to obtain this asset. for sale at Domain Holdings Group. Looking for offers above 3 million.

California” alone generates over 300k exact match searches per month in just Google US.
When taking into account top 10,000 search terms containing the term “California” that # increases to over 8m searches per month with a word California in it, in Google US only. This data is not taking into account Bing/Yahoo or any of the international Google sites.

We’re talking about a very huge market here and there is no second best domain name in this category.


Peter Brooks

  • Peter Brooks
    Domain Acquisition & Divestment Specialist
    777 East Atlantic Ave., Suite 312, Delray Beach, FL 33483
    Desk 561-634-7327 | Fax 561.892.3744


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