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Healthcare.Gov is still seeing the largest MOM & second largest YOY Growth in regards to traffic according to Compete – The domain must be cashing in big time on this traffic – They are now ranked in the top 9000 most trafficked domain names in the world according to Alexa, However is number 435 in highest trafficked site in the USA and top 2000 in the world. – We covered a similar story last month about the owner of – read it here.

No surprise to see two Halloween domain names doing well last month and then there are many of the usual listings such as etc

Another point to note is the top growth domain names 8 out of 10 are DOT COM domain names the only exception are .GOV – Do you think we shall see any .Whatever next year?

Here is the full story below.

There has been no change at the top of our Monthly Fast Movers list, with again showing strong growth. Every measure of the site’s reach and engagement were on the upswing for in October. Month-over-month highlights include more than 350% growth in unique visitors, 55% increase in average stay, nearly 70% in pages per visit, and an 80% increase in visits per person. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services website ( was another notable member of the Monthly Fast Movers list, benefitting from’s success. Nearly 55% of’s October traffic came from, beating out the share of traffic from search engines and portals by more than 45%.

Monthly Fast Movers October 2013

Besides healthcare-related websites, October saw the seasonal rise of Halloween websites like and Interestingly, garnered nearly twice the percentage of paid search traffic in October as Rather than the more generic paid keywords like “Halloween store” employed by,’s paid keywords tend to be longer tail like “Halloween costumes for couples” and focus on specific character names. was another winner in October’s Monthly Fast Movers with their expansion of service in some cities as well as being one of the first airlines to announce “takeoff through landing” electronics usage following the FAA’s recent decision to allow expanded electronics usage for passengers.

Yearly Fast Movers October 2013 makes another appearance in the Yearly Fast Movers list for October, but more interesting is making the list. The Verge has seen steady growth in unique visitors this year since the early summer suggesting the success of Verge Video, a hub for all of their video content, that launched in May this year.

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