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Demonoid Domain Names have been pulled from – is a popular domain auction platform where owners of domains names and websites can choose to list their domain names or websites for sale. They have the options of listing them for sale with a Fixed Price or allowing users to Bid on the domain name. Once a user bids on a domain name the seller i.e. Demonoid in this instance has the choice to either accept the bid and close via escrow process or start an auction where the domain name is typically auctioned for 7 days and the highest bidder shall then win the domain name. The domain isnt transferred until it has been paid in full via escrow process. normally sells in excess of $500K of domain names every week through their site and sales have crossed the $1mm dollar before – arent the only marketplace for domain names with, DomainNameSales,,, and others selling together in excess of $1mm dollars of domain names every week.

This article taking from a popular news site that follows Torrents states this below.

“After several turbulent weeks with DDoS attacks, the shutdown of its servers and a criminal investigation into the site’s owners, trouble continues for the Demonoid BitTorrent tracker. After the site’s domain names were put up for sale last week, domain market place Sedo has now delisted them citing “legal issues.” As time progresses the hope of a comeback for what was once one of the largest BitTorrent communities continues to fade.

demonoidAfter being pulled offline by a DDoS and suspected hacker attack, nearly two weeks ago news broke that Demonoid’s servers had been shutdown in the Ukraine.

The action followed a request from Interpol, with the music group IFPI later taking credit for the takedown. While some of Demonoid’s users still expect the site to reopen with a new hosting provider, a comeback appeared less likely when the three main Demonoid domains were listed for sale last week., and were put up for sale at the popular domain name and website marketplace Sedo, but as it turned out, not for long. Two of the three domain names have now been de-listed due to legal issues.

Anyone wishing to buy the .PH or .COM domain now see the following message;

“Due to possible legal issues associated with this domain, Sedo is not able to offer services for the domain. Please consider selecting an alternative domain.”

Interestingly, the .ME domain which acted as the primary Demonoid address for more than a year, has not been de-listed by Sedo.”

Banned over “legal issues”

demonoid domain

We contacted Sedo who informed us that while they take a neutral position in copyright issues, the company has an obligation to protect its users.

“In addition to processing notice-takedown complaints from third-party rights holders, Sedo also employs an internal listing suspension policy when we’re made materially aware of a domain that is either subject to ownership dispute or under investigation by relevant law enforcement,” a Sedo spokesperson told TorrentFreak.

“This is done to protect potential buyers from purchasing a domain where its use and ownership could be threatened after the purchase for unforeseen circumstances. In such situations, the listing user is informed and once they can provide documentation demonstrating the domain’s clear title, the listing will be reinstated.”

While Sedo said it “can’t go into specifics”, the company suggested that no third-party or law enforcement group had ordered the de-listing of the domains. Sedo did not respond to our question why the main .ME domain is still for sale.

At the moment TorrentFreak hasn’t heard from Demonoid as to why the domains are being sold, or what this means for the site’s future. If there is any.

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