Development of nGTLDs in 2017

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Today: The value of a domains / Personal Name “Brandable” with initials? / Selling domains to US end users from Russia / And more.

Here are the new discussions and domain name news.

[BUYING] – Looking for consultancy / business services .com’s – Check your portfolio for one of these.

Showcase your .international names – Do you own any of these new gTLD domains and want to show them off? – How much do you think this potentially brandable domain is worth?

Selling domains to US end users from Russia – Does anyone else think that the sellers location is causing psychological roadblocks with potential buyers in the U.S.?

The value of a domains – Do you happen to know what the rock bottom liquid value of this niche would be?

Personal Name “Brandable” with initials? – I think a last name with first or first & middle initials could be potentially brandable. What do you think?

Development of nGTLDs in 2017 – Which one of the nGTLDs in the poll would you develop first and why?

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