Digitaltown Acquires 2,700 .com Domain Names

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Digitaltown Inc Acquires 2,700 .com Domain Names for its portfolio – DigitalTown, Inc. (otcqb:DGTW) announced today that it has acquired 2,700 new .com domain names, including 400 new high school spirit sites, 500 plus city names, the top 300 mascot names representing all levels of sports and more than 1,000 professional and business names.

DigitalTown, Inc owns the domain names for approximately 27,000 high school spirit sites throughout the United States. The domain names include the name of the school and their mascot ( and the majority of the domain names are in the .com format. The Company is creating a nationwide network of local communities built around these domain names, and the schools and communities they represent. The companies (The Active Network Inc. (Active) and DigitalTown) focuses on leveraging Active’s extensive data and applications suite to leverage DigitalTown’s portfolio of 27,000 URL’s in the market for hyper-local content. DigitalTown, completed its nationwide rollout of nearly 27,000 high school spirit content Websites in December 2009, which represents the first phase of the Company to develop user generated and interactive sites that serve all the constituents of local high schools, and by extension, their local communities.

The company is traded publicly and has a current market cap of 11.66M in 2005, DigitalTown became a holding company of Intellectual property which mainly contained domain names. These domain names were centered around community spirit (high school), media, and technology areas.

Since the initial purchase of 22,000 domains in April 2005, DigitalTown has continually increased its portfolio. The portfolio is currently growing by an average of 250 to 400 a year. DigitalTown’s high school spirit domain names in the .com format increased from 89% in 2005 to over 94% in 2011. Combined with the .net holdings, DigitalTown’s portfolio now represents over 99% of the 27,000 high schools in the United States.

They also operate their own webmail system called TrustedWebmail it is currently being used in two states. It will open up email registration to the general population as it completes its beta testing this month. Pricing is set at $5 per user per year with no embedded advertizing and available multiple email 10 packs. Features like password control administrative rights at the highest level will make TrustedWebmail the most cost effective email service by a wide margin for professional groups.

TrustedWebmail provides email addresses in seven broad categories: School Spirit, Education, Sports, Mascots, Professional/Business, Community and Status.

For a sample listing of new names go to

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By combining a high school name with the school mascot (e.g., our highschool domain names have been selected to best capture the highschool spirit which is so powerful in every local community. Our portfolio of 27,000 high school domain names, of which 25,000 are in .com and 2,000 .net formats, now represent over 99 percent of the high schools in the United States.


We have also leveraged a position by procuring several premium, potentially sought after domains including, but not limited to:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and


Our portfolio also contains several media and entertainment related sites.

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