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Disposable Gloves – DisposableGloves.com is currently owned by GoDaddy and is sitting parked at Afternic.com, awaiting the potential sale of the domain name, GoDaddy has owned the domain name DisposableGloves.com since 2015 when it was acquired by GoDaddy during its acquisition of over 200,000 Marchex Domains for $28,000,000 back in 2015, The domain was originally registered by legendary domain name investor Yun Ye back 2003.

Disposable Gloves – For Sale

Marchex acquired the Yun Ye portfolio which at the time was often knowns as Ultimate Search for an eye-watering $164,000,000 back in 2004, The company they acquired was named  Name Development Ltd back in 2004 Marchex was quoted as stating Name Development was “A corporation operating in the direct navigation market” The total sale was $164.2 million, including $155.2 million in cash and $9 million in stock- If we put that into today’s money it would be nearly 1/4 Billion Dollars – $224,091,371.10 according to CPI Inflation rates  – We will never know what happened from the stock aspect if Yun Ye, cashed out when Marchex was at a high or before it changed its strategy and moved away from domain names.

Many of us wonder whatever happened to Yun Ye? I actually wrote a thread over at NamePros back in 2009 – Yes that’s right 11 years ago…

Back to Disposable Gloves, Could GoDaddy.com be redirected this site to a company that can help in the supply of Disposable Gloves during COVID-19 or could they be redirecting this domain to earn some affiliate revenue? I know a lot of people aren’t believers in Direct Type In Traffic but it does exist and SEO can still work for exact match domains if you develop it correctly.

Estibot believes the domain name is worth $8K, I am not sure what price GoDaddy will hope to sell this domain for but from a domainer perspective, I would say around $5K is what my gut would be willing to pay in acquisition cost and hope of flipping for 10K to an end-user in the PPE market, remembering that even after COVID-19 is over, Disposable Gloves are still are an everyday product used by millions around the world.

What would you pay to acquire the domain name DisposableGloves.com?

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