Dog Friendly Yard

Have you been searching for a dog friendly yard?

If you are considering renovating your yard and own dogs, then you need to start to think about designing a dog-friendly yard, Dogs and grass often don’t mix well for a number of reasons the number one being urine spots/staining.

When a dog has got to go, well it has got to go… No matter how hard your try to restrict your dog urinating in your yard, it’s going to happen and ultimately lead to your grass getting urine burn/urine stain normally causing it to yellow and kill off the grass that was growing in that area.

This is why you need to think about creating a dog-friendly yard, Artificial grass could be an option but again you still need to maintain it not because of the risk of uring burn/urine staining but more from a hygienic aspect, We have artificial grass and have to wash it down daily to prevent the build-up of bacteria but also the smell.

What your next option then when designing a yard, well you install stones/chips to make a decorative area and this limits the risk of bacteria build-up within the area as you can spread/change when needed but also still frequently wash after your dog has urinated.

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