Domain Names Being Asked For Appraisal – What are your thoughts?

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Domain Names being asked for Appraisal – What are your thoughts?

I havent posted for a few days guy’s, I have been pretty busy but I promise there shall be some more posts coming this week and hopefully a few interviews I am just waiting to get back from a couple of Domainers who are pretty big in the domain business.

I made the move aswell this weekend over to 100% Apple – I have been an Apple for a while have had the iPhone & iPad for the past few years and upgraded them too recently and then my new iMac arrived on Friday evening – I must admit I was a little unsure from switching from windows which I have used for years over to Apple but so far so good. I am really impressed with the new iMac.

What are your thoughts? Are you an Apple Guy or Microsoft Guy?

I had a little bit of down time today and visited the forums which I haven’t been frequenting as much as I used too, I always love checking out the Domain Name Appraisal sections on Namepros and DNForum as you get to see what the industry are registering in regards to domain extensions i.e. .com, .co, dot cctld etc and sometime I must admit there are some decent names getting picked up and do have some value then other times I think “Really are you having a laugh?” We all have start somewhere in the domain business – We were all newbie at some point but I am seeing tens of thousands of dollars being wasted on dud domains.

The industry has come a long way, There are tons of blogs and resources online where you can read up and learn about the domain space before jumping in and registering a domain.

Here is a screenshot of what some people have registered recently and asked for appraisals on



Here is a screenshot of what some people have registered recently and asked for appraisals on



What are your thoughts on the domains being registered and asked for appraisal? Guy’s please don’t take any offence if your domain is listed in one of these appraisals I just took a screen grab from both forums I am not saying your name sucks? I am just wanting to know from the industry What are your thoughts on Domain Names being asked for Appraisal?

It is great to get feedback from your industry peers but what I want to know is why do we still ask for appraisal on forums? Should we not be happy with the domains we register in the first place? Whats the point of spending money on registering something that won’t get any type in traffic? Yes there is development etc but are you really going to develop every domain you purchase?

Let me know your thoughts?

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