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Domain Names Owned by “BullS” we all see the regular comments by BullS Domains on many of the domain name industry blogs, He has asked me to share his portfolio with the readers of Robbies Blog and suggested we create a new “Share Your Portfolio Posts” on to give the readers a voice, A domainer of the day type of post, so what do you think, would you like to share your portfolio with readers on Robbies Blog and become the domainer of the day?

I had the golden opportunity to chat with Chris aka “BullS’. He is a very comical guy with a full sense of mischievous humor. As his favorite saying goes “Life is too short to piss and to be Pissed” Below are his infamous “BullS” domains portfolio and his favorites are (Square is using Squarely for their podcast),,, and of course the He is not afraid to tell you that 99.99% of his domains are hand reg using the 99cent GD coupon and of course he wants to make as much money from the buyers.

Chris Loves The 99 Cent GoDaddy Domain Name Coupons

So what will you buy some using the latest 99 Cent Coupon at GoDaddy

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4 Comments on "Domain Names Owned by BullS"

  1. Thanks for the “shout out”
    For more info about “BullS’, here my personal site (
    Yup that me, I grow jade plants and I own the largest indoor jade plant in the world(38yrsd old and
    the size is 8ft high, wingspan of 30Ft and trunk size is 50inches)
    I fish for big fish like the 500lbs Halibut in Alaska . I grow stuffs…and my next project is growing
    bonsai marijuana.
    I grow exotic plants. I have sold so many jade plants all over USA.

  2. Nice one Chris. Have always enjoyed your humour and participation on these blogs. Cheers!

  3. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing but I have a query. Godaddy 99 cent offer works for new account only , right?

  4. Hello-
    I just want to say a big thank you to Robbie for giving me a space to show off some of my domains and about the mysterious “BullS”
    The traffic to and has gone up tremendously and of course I receive so many offers for my domains.
    This proves that given the opportunity to show off a “no name” domainer like me, my domains get lots of eyeballs.
    I hope Robbie will continue this trend and give an opportunity to others too.
    Thanks for the good write up!

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