Domain Privacy – Do you use it?

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Domain Privacy – Do you use it?

I am wanting to know how many domainers use Domain Privacy services offered by their domain registrar in a simple Yes or No poll below.

Some people only associate domain privacy with cybersquatters but this cant be further from the truth, Domain Privacy is a great tool, especially if you are launching a new product or service and don’t want your competitors to know who owns the domain name and is also used to stop SPAM and I have found domains with privacy protection don’t get as many lowball offers too.

Something I have seen recently is domainers registering privacy style domains i.e. – – This is a domain I picked up yesterday for only 98 cents from actually offer free domain privacy services and so do many others domain registration companies however where I have the majority of my domain portfolio is & both normally require payment for each domain on their domain privacy platforms, what I could do with my domains there is add my own Domain Privacy using and setup individual email address for each at my hosting provider. who I use offers me free unlimited email accounts with the option to auto forward the mail, So I could setup  i.e, or – I can leave my address as my normal registration if I wanted too or I could setup another address where I can access my mail using a mailbox or office I have access to collect mail – I now have my own domain privacy service for one fee annually for all my domains vs paying for domain privacy.

Please complete the Poll below and let me know, Do you use Domain Privacy?

Do you personally feel Domain Privacy could prevent a domain sale?

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  1. Yes, there is definitely chance of losing a potential deal. I would never recommend any domainer who is willing to sell his domains to use domain privacy.

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