Domains At Auction GoDaddy – Closing in this weekend

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GoDaddy Domain Name Auctions with Bids – 9 Years Old Previously Developed website with high Alexa Ranking already at $455 – 90 Bids, 14 Years Old – What will it sell for? – Nice, (GPX & – Both sold in the past for $4,800 USD each. – Sold for $1,900 USD before was at $449 at time of writing. – 19 Years old, under $200 – $10, nice brandable domain – 21 years old and 16 bids already – What will be the Accurate Value of this domain? – 21 years old and was sitting at $50, Great .Org domain name. – 18 Years Old and thousands of people are employed by Casinos – Already at $10,050, what will this domain name sell for and why so much?


GoDaddy Domain Name Auctions with ZERO Bids – 13 Years Old, Could be an analytical company – 21 Years Old, Could showcase Horse Pictures, ideal if you photograph these magnificent animals somewhere to sell your works? – 13 Years Old, could be used for monitoring service for a security/alarm company. – Brandable Domain – 17  Years old, Sold before for $1,600 USD – 23 Years Old – 23 Years Old – 22 Years Old – 22 Years Old – 21 Years Old


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