Domains For Sale Some Names I am Selling

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Domains For Sale,  Some Names I am Selling

I know the TRAFFIC Conference is on and in Full Swing and there was big Talk about their Auction… I didn’t have any names submitted and I didn’t bid on any names either at yesterdays auction but I thought, If Domainers are in the buying mood I have some domains below that I am looking to sell to raise some cash for other development projects that I have coming up.

I have fixed the prices below if anyone is interested post SOLD in the comments box and I will get in contact with you.

This wont be a regular posting from me trying to sell my domains to the community but would like to see if there is any interest in the below.

All sales can be completed via or and pushed to a GD account or transferred out, Sales can also be completed via but payment must be made first.

Thanks for taking the time to review – I hope you see something that is of interest to you. – A product that can sell for upwards of $1000+ each – My Price is $500 – A product domain that can sell for $500+ each – My Price is $375 – Every commercial washroom has one of these – My Price is – $2,500 & – As it says – My Price for the pair is $375 – A nice aged domain 2003 registration – My price is $400 – If you have the time to build this domain out could be a nice earner – My Price is $1,750 – Millions of taxi’s worldwide – My Price is $350 – A product that sells for upwards of $100 each – My Price $375 – A product that sells for $50 upwards – My Price is $275 – Are you named Rihanna, Want to start a blog? – My Price is $499 – Forbes does a great job but you could set a site like – My Price is $375 – My Price is $375 – High CPC could be used for Business or Personal Credit Score History Check – My Price is $450

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