eBay Domain Names For Sale – Have you tried?

eBay Domain Names - EBITDA.com
EBITDAC - This is now what we use - lol :)
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eBay is a trusted online marketplace, so have you ever considered selling or buying domain names on eBay? Being 100% honest I have never bought or tried to sell a domain name on eBay, I do think you could get a lot of views if you had a keyword domain listed for sale but its never someplace that I have considered to offload or purchase any of my domain portfolios, I would love to hear from you if you had and any good or bad stories relating to selling domain names on eBay.

eBay Domain Names

One domain that I see listed there is EBITDA.com which is the commonly used acronym in businesses across the globe, it stands for Earnings, Before, Intrest, Tax, Depreaticion & Amortisation – The domain is listed for sale for $20,000 USD and has been owned by the same domain investor since 1996, the price I actually think is very reasonable, The owner of EBITDA.com is Scripophily.com which was founded by Bob Kerstein (Bob.com) in 1996.

For those of you that don’t know Bob.com was once owned by Microsoft but part of a deal that Bob Kerstein did with them as he owned the domain name and trademark Windows 2000 – You can read about this and the story of Bob here who also once owned domain name gems such as Broadband.com, Dividend.com, Streetmap.com, Voltage.com, Womb.com to name just a few.

Bob.com appears to have been sold between 2018 & 2019 in under ownership to a registrant in Asia, I have checked namebio.com and can’t see any published sale of Bob.com so have reached out to Bob for comment and shall let you know if we get a reply, Bob now uses Bob.us and forwards this to his official website.

If you follow the link at the end here, it takes you to just under 1000 domain names that I could see available for sale on eBay.com

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eBay Domain Names - EBITDA.com

EBITDAC – This is now what we use – lol 🙂

Read more about Suitcases.com which didn’t sell in the great domains auction here.

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