Fairwinds Partners Research shows gTLDS shall confuse the Public

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Fairwinds Partners Research shows gTLDS shall confuse the Public

A press release from FairWinds Partners a leading Domain Name Strategy consulting firm has some very interesting reading in regards to the gTLD launches expected to happen in the next few years, I am not shocked by some of the figures being quoted below it is obvious that joe public wont know much about gTLDS will they use a site that is on gTld I say yes if it’s ranked in the Google, Yahoo or Bing but chances of them getting there via direct navigation pretty slim.

What are your thoughts on this report?

Here is the full story below.

FairWinds Partners, the leading domain name strategy consulting firm, has released new research revealing that Internet users are likely to quickly accept and trust new generic top-level domains (gTLDs) – as long as new gTLD owners provide them with education about their new gTLDs. Moreover, new gTLDs that are backed by well-known brands will have a distinct advantage over other new gTLDs when it comes to gaining consumers’ trust.

FairWinds conducted research into Internet user behavior and past gTLD launches and worked with Insights Now, a leading market research firm, to survey 2,008 Internet users between the ages of 13 and 64 about their awareness of and attitudes toward new gTLDs. The following are key findings from the survey:

  • Internet users, by and large, know nothing about new gTLDs: 74% of Internet users surveyed do not know about the New gTLD Program, and only 4% could successfully name a new gTLD.
  • Internet users will initially be confused by new gTLDs and may find it difficult to navigate to content or know which new addresses to trust in the immediate future: Only 27% of users surveyed said new gTLDs would not cause confusion.
  • Brand owners that effectively define their new gTLDs and rise above this confusion will achieve success with their new gTLDs: After receiving education about new gTLDs, reports of confusion dropped by 11%.
  • Significant gains in terms of digital presence and online awareness of their brands await brand owners who provide consumers with simple education about new gTLDs.

“Internet users have sent a loud and clear message that overcoming confusion and gaining trust in new gTLDs is not only possible, but that it may happen relatively quickly,” said Josh Bourne, Managing Partner and co-founder of FairWinds. “If brand owners educate their customers about new gTLDs and communicate their online presence clearly, they will be able to prevent confusion and will have a better chance of building trust in their new gTLDs among customers. Brand owners are in an ideal position to generate trust in and acceptance of their new gTLDs, and will lead the field in terms of new gTLD success.”

After receiving education about new gTLDs, consumers were 19% more likely to trust new gTLDs that they know are operated by an established brand than new gTLDs that are not. “New gTLDs present brand owners with unprecedented opportunities to better engage with consumers online. With some focused efforts to clearly define and communicate their online presence to consumers, brand owners will be able to successfully capitalize on this opportunity and benefit from their new gTLDs,” asserted FairWinds co-founder and Managing Partner Phil Lodico.

New gTLDs will not only reshape the structure of Internet addresses, but they will also significantly impact the way consumers navigate to and interact with digital content, as well as how brand owners communicate with consumers online.

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1 Comment on "Fairwinds Partners Research shows gTLDS shall confuse the Public"

  1. DUHHHH!?!?!?!?!

    Hellooooooooooo!!!! Of course! The gtld’s are clearly doom to fail. Do not feel sorry for the suckers who lose their money in the gtld cesspool. A modicum of research into the past failures of .aero, .travel, .museum, .biz, .tel, .jobs, .cat, .mobi, .coop, .name and more would have told you the same thing. Ask Overture how their expensive cctld experiment worked out for them (hint: 61% leakage to the .COM!).

    This conclusion that the gtlds will be a bust is nothing new or revolutionary. It is common sense.

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