Fake Michael Jackson websites settles lawsuit

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Fake Michael Jackson websites settles lawsuit, Howard Mann, who used the domains michaeljacksonsecretvault.com, MJgives.com and similar domain names to sell Michael Jackson’s music and other memorabilia, was also barred from using the “Thriller” singer’s image without the permission of his estate.

The rumored amount they have agreed on is $2.5 million copyright settlement on Tuesday with Mr. Jackson’s estate, the two sides announced the settlement in Los Angeles federal court hours before a trial was due to start to determine how much Mr. Mann owes the estate.

He was found liable for infringing the dead singer’s intellectual property in a court ruling in August. The websites were also ordered shut down.

Mr. Mann worked with Katherine Jackson on several projects, including a 2010 “Never Can Say Goodbye” coffee table book featuring recollections of her son, and a DVD and calendar featuring what we’re described as never-before-seen photos and videos.

All were sold through the “secretvault” website. Mr. Mann claimed he obtained the rights to the material at a bankruptcy sale involving members of Mr. Jackson’s family several years ago.

So it looks like the Jackson Estate are being serious about collecting MJ’s money – Rumor is that since Michael Jackson passed a few years ago his estate has earned over $300,000 million in revenues but when Michael Jackson died he was in debt and part of his legal agreements state that all debts must be paid before the revenues are then entered into a Trust Fund for his Children for which is mother has legal custody.

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