FBI closes down app pirates website

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The websites — applanet.net, appbucket.net and snappzmarket.com — had their domain names seized by the FBI and visitors to those domain names are now greeted with a seizure banner instead of access to hundreds of free apps.

The FBI is cracking down on pirate Android app developers, Three websites above were pirating games and apps for Android devices until yesterday when they were shut down yesterday. There are still many more sites out there but it is a signal to the developers of these pirate app website that the FBI are coming after them.

Apple hasn’t been affected by this as much as google android platform as apple checks every app before it launches onto their marketplace. Apple has paid over $4 Billion dollar to app developers since 2009 – With an industry that is worth billions you can understand why fraudsters are trying to get in on the market and offer pirate software.

You can read more about the article here from Biz Journals.

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