Frank Schilling receives 700 inquires per day on

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Frank Schilling receives 700 inquires per day on

I just got a nice email from Frank Schilling as I am sure some others have also, This is because I have joined where I park my own portfolio and I have recently joined the Brokerage Directory to offer my services to the domain industry.

Many people don’t know but I have been involved in the domain business since 2006 and I have brokered a few large number sales for a few large clients from the domain industry, These sales are often NDA, I charge a flat fee of 5% for my brokerage services and I look forward to working with many of the domainers who have parked there domain names at

In the letter from Frank he lets us know the he gets over 700 inquiries per day on domain names he owns and he estimate there are 4900 – 7000 domain name sales inquiries per day across the domain name sales platform – That is a huge number of potential Domain Name Sales, We all know that all enquiries don’t turn into sales but look at the huge number of domain name enquiries this show the industry is alive and kicking!

If you havent Joined – What are you waiting for?

I would be honoured to represent any of you if you have a domain name for sale and you receive an enquiry via to allow me to broker on your behalf however there are lots of other Excellent Brokers already on the platform so be sure to check everyone out.

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  1. To be frank, I think those numbers are very promising. For a newer platform to be generating that kind of interest is good news, thanks for posting.

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