Free Amazon Affiliate ecommerce store setup

After running the very popular FREE Blog setup back in 2013 & 2014 on – I am now please to offer the Free Amazon Affiliate ecommerce store setup.

So what is an Amazon Affiliate ecommerce store and why would I need or want one?

Amazon as everyone know is the worlds largest online ecommerce retailer in the world millions of people buy products from,,, Amazon.CA, and the list goes on and on of Amazon related websites that they own but why should you care?

Well wouldn’t you want a piece of the action that Amazon is getting everyday and if you can get it for FREE* then why not?

I started building out some of my sites using Amazon Affiliate stores this year and the returns have outweighed what I was getting having the same domain names parked at various platforms i.e,,, etc… I am not knocking Parking that is a model that works extremely well but what I have found my domains are mainly ecom names and don’t get massive amounts of type in traffic they get a small regular amount but not thousands of Unique of Visitors per day.

Example site and domain would be – It’s an exact match domain name of a product that is available for sale on and other stores. Now this site was earning penny’s per month parked but now get pounds per month developed without any SEO work or unique content. If I spent time doing SEO and Content I am sure this site could make close to £100 per month but leaving it as it stands to focus on other projects I can still get a great ROI.

£100 per month are you for real, Yes I honestly believe this domain if it had more traffic it would earn more and here is the reason why… Just now when you visit why are you there? Most likely to buy a Rabbit Cage and what does the site do… It sell’s Rabbit Cages so our CTR and Conversion is high but our traffic is low at present as we rely on type in and natural Search Engine Rankings from Google, Bing & Yahoo however the site is making £10 per month not a lot of money but that’s£120 per year avg – $200 for a domain name that costs £3.50 annually and I don’t need to do anything else once the site is set up that is a great ROI, I also have the opportunity to sell the domain and show a profitable model to a domain investor or end-user.

A massive plus point is I don’t need to deal with any customers myself as handles the sale and dispatch all I need to do is send them my traffic and yes I could just redirect my site to but then I lose a little something in my opinion. The client lands on Amazon straightaway and might think hey I am at the wrong site and leave where as having the Rabbit Cages listed for sale on as individual items we look like a more specialist site dedicated to selling Rabbit Cages, I can then let the customer browse my site before sending them to to complete the transaction.

What do I make % wise on the transaction it varies depending on the products you sell but on average I earn 5 or 6% of the total sale value, some products on Amazon Affiliate programme can earn as little as 3% but others earn as much as 10%.

I have set up other similar sites such as,, and others and I am seeing similar results on these domains – I am about to launch more on other exact match , .net & .com domains that I own and I will put up examples shortly.

As the domain industry looks for new ways to monetise their domain assets I am wanting to share what I have learned and earned with you for FREE* – Yes FREE there are some terms and conditions to get Free Amazon Affiliate Ecommerce Store setup but basically everyone can qualify if they want to take part.

I am not a Web designer and if you are expecting unique code written for you then this isn’t something I shall do but I do have a web designer who can modify the code, content and layout should you wish to change the design of the site after I have set it up for you. I will give you his details once we set you up and then its up to you if you want to use his company to modify the site or leave it to trial for a month or two and test the traffic conversion and profit first for FREE.

So what do you need to take part in this Amazon Affiliate Ecommerce Store Setup.

1) You need to have domain name… That’s obvious…. however I would seriously consider which domain name you want setup? If it’s a typo domain name i.e. that domain might have a ton of traffic but it isn’t going to convert and earn you money on Amazon think about product / ecom domains you own like,,,, etc obviously the above would be super names to have developed but something similar to this that has traffic and is an actual product for sale on Amazon.

2) You need to have an Amazon Affiliate site – Now this isn’t that easy to get but again they are ways around this, If you apply and send them a parked domain to approve it probably wont happen… They want to see a website or domain name that you own that is partially developed. I will help you in this area to get your account approved but I can’t promise they will accept you.

3) Hosting – I shall set you up with a Hosting Provider, We wont be using the same Hosting Company that you currently use, I have a long list and will pick the best Hosting Partner for you that you don’t currently have a relationship with to get you setup.

4) Let me get to work and setup the site for you -It will take me up to 24 hours to get you all setup however depending on demand of this offer it might vary and in some instances it could take over 72 Hours.

What happens after you setup the Amazon Affiliate Ecommerce Store?

That really is up to you, I would probably sit back and watch how the site performs for a month and see if it earns more than what it did parked – If it does then you can see you are onto a winning profitable way to develop more of your domain either by yourself for FREE or by paying me to set up further stores for you. If you think you can improve on traffic to your sites then I would recommend writing unique articles or hiring someone from Freelancer, Elance or other websites to create unique content and carry out SEO work for you that shall only increase your traffic and conversion rate.

Do you guarantee that I will make more than parking?

Nope – Why would I but what I would say is what have you got to lose? It is One Domain Name that at anytime you can switch the servers back to your parking company and close your hosting account and walk away having spend Nothing on the setup initially and maybe one months hosting fee’s worst case you would be $10 or $20 down…

Are you willing to Gamble $20 to make upwards of $200+?

If you are seriously interested then please EMAIL ME to discuss getting your FREE Amazon Ecommerce Store Setup if you aren’t interested then no worries and thanks for taking the time to stop by and read this post on – Don’t forget to Follow us on Twitter @RobbiesBlog & Like us on Facebook

*This setup is 100% FREE if you use the Hosting provider we recommend otherwise there is a charge of $50 to use your own hosting provider and we shall set up your Amazon Store either with the Host we recommend and details verified or once your payment has cleared and we use your own hosting.

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Robbie Ferguson is an Internet Entrepreneur, Domain Investor, Domain Broker, Blogger and founder of various websites and eCommerce businesses such as

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  1. My rabbit just passed waiting for to load…

    • LOL! I’ll look into that with NameCheap Hosting. I have been trying them on a few sites but think I’ll stick with Hostgagtor.

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