Get to know the marketing team

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Get to know the marketing team

The team certainly know how to market themselves with funny and quirky videos, yesterday they posted this blog post and titled Get to know the marketing team. have over 500 You Tube Videos and if you have some spare time I would highly recommend spending some time to watch them, They are funny and it is really nice to see a domain registration company  spending the time to put these short videos together to show the fun side of the domain registration industry.

Here is a link to the 500+ Videos. currently has on

Do you use

Last week we introduced you to the customer support team with a series of short videos about each team member. They’re seriously the coolest cats in the building.

Up next is the marketing team. I’ll let Ashley Forker, our Marketing Manager, handle the introduction:

Like laser beams and buttercream frosting, the marketing team is an exciting, delicious bunch that works to make every moment a special occasion. It’s a busy place, the marketing pod, as it’s where‘s popular Blog, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube accounts are fed their insatiable diet of non-marketing marketing goodness. That’s the trick: how do you market without marketing? You inform and you get customers involved in things they care about. You’ll see that often with our renowned affiliate programs and the countless campaigns that offer endless customer benefits.

I’m not sure what she’s talking about with the laser beam frosting thing. That sounds dangerous and not at all appetizing. Forker is kinda out there sometimes. Anywho, on to the videos!

Ashley Forker, Marketing Manager

Caroline Temple, Affiliate Program Manager

Jared Ewy, Social Media Smartass

Alex Kehr, Social Media Specialist

Ethan Conley, Copywriter


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