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USA Today is reporting that CBS shall report today that 90% of the Superbowl adverts are sold out already! The season has only just started and they are virtually gone, Proving that there is read demand for these advert spaces – has reportedly stated this year they shall tone down the raunchiness of the adverts and focus more on selling products…

I think this is a bad move for – They adverts are what people talk about, Visitors surge to their site to find more details about see exclusive clips only online. Yes I agree there needs to me a happy medium at the end of the day there are selling domains, hosting and many products but as the old saying goes “If it aint broke, Dont Fix it!”

If you are going to spend a rumoured $3.5m for 30 Seconds you want to make the most of it.

The marketing strategy has worked for years this is why they are the worlds largest with over 50 millions domain under registration – I hoped that when Bob Parsons sold out to KKR, Silverlake and TCV that things wouldn’t change and most havent the site has been redeveloped a few times but the marketing aspects are what we loved about GoDaddy and I hope they choose to change their mind and go wilder instead of toning it down.

You can read the USA Today post here

What are your thoughts?

Here is an old Superbowl Advert…

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