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I know before anyone even says it… Another GoDaddy Domain Auction List – Really…

DSAD & NameBio do a fantastic job with there lists of domain names in auction, I am just wanting to put a different spin on the domain names at auction in GoDaddy – Here what you can expect shorter lists, historical information from what I can gather from various sources online – How many domains would you want to see? I am thinking to keep it short, small and punchy maybe 3 – 5 domain names at auction maximum, We will continue with our other posts still on Available To Register for $4.99.Com Domains and our Name Liquidate – Reverse Domain Name Auction lists but wanted to add this GoDaddy Domain Auction List as another possibly daily feature. – This domain name is 21 years old and currently at the time of writing had 23 bids on the domain name, I know “I” names or “E’ names might seem a bit 90’s / 00’s but there are still some nice historical sales, remember Rick Schwartz sold iReport to CNN for $750,000 back in 2008.

So what do we know about the domain name, it was once used as a redirect to which was a developed website and owned by Steve Simonson, doesn’t appear to resolve at present, whois shows the domain name was owned by Longhua USA, Inc, checking out it is owned by Gala Manufacturing and when you do a search online one of the results that returns for Longhua USA, Inc is a link to Wood Floor Business directory that has the web address of so would appear both & are (were) owned by the same corporation.

So shall you be bidding on domain name? – This domain name is 18 years old and currently at the time of writing had 42 bids on the domain name, back in 2004 the domain name was being redirected to a website called

It was owned for a number of years by MH Networks LLC owning the domain name, it would appear until 2017 when HiMark Loans, Inc became the new owner, HiMark Loans Inc also owns the domain names –,,,,,, & more importantly the plural, which is still an active website.

So shall you be bidding on domain name? – This domain name is 17 years old and currently at the time of writing had 46 bids on the domain name, while the correct spelling is Fishing Gear and this domain is parked and available for sale, the typo of at is attracting interest, it was owned by who owns around 500 domains from what we can see and appeared under there ownership until at least till 2018 and was redirected to there website then it was in domain privacy still at the same registrar Tucows before moving to GoDaddy in September 2019.

So shall you be bidding on domain name?

So do you want to see more? Longer list or keep it short with just a few domains each day that I think are of interest / worth bidding at GoDaddy Auctions?

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  1. Majority of the domains listed at DASD are from his portfolio and from his buddies.
    Abuse of power?? Or just taking advantage of the platform…human nature.
    You can charge 2$ to list domain compare to the 10$.
    Heck,that what capitalism is all about. Anyway to make a buck..
    Competition is good.

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