GoDaddy Domain Auction – Robbie’s Picks 7th of May

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I was surprised by the popularity of yesterdays GoDaddy Domain Auction Post, traffic to that post was 4 x times compared to other posts on the blog, so to me it must mean you want to read more about GoDaddy Domain Auctions, I will continue to bring these to you, these are random picks from domain names that I like that at auction in GoDaddy – I might even be bidding on these myself if the prices are right…

A domain name that is getting a lot of bids is – This domain name was registered in 1994 making it 26 years old, there has been a number of True related sales with the largest being its big brother selling for $350,000 USD back in 2014 via Sedo, is owned by True Car a publicly listed company, could they have any interest in owning the .net too? The domain looks to be dropping after being owned by CanTv from VENEZUELA who operate from domain name, since 2001 the domain name forwarded to the Cantv website so there is no traffic from a previous website that we can tell with bidding already at $5000 – what price will this domain name sell for and will you bid?

Track and Bid on – This expired domain name is 22 years old, and currently registered to a Spanish owner in Malaga – Bidding for the domain name is already at $610 and this is sure to increase but what will it sell for? It’s big brother the .Com domain name sold twice before in 2004 for $6,700 at Snapnames & then in 2008 on Afternic for $40,000 netting the seller a cool profit in 4 years of ownership – The domain was previously a developed website owned by Mr Vagn Trend Poulsen the Chairman of Grupo VTP España & according to it is a “A new project is coming to you. Revolutionizing Social Media.”

Track and Bid on

Running with the .Net theme tonight again another 22-year-old aged expired domain name – Is only at $17 right now – This is super cheap, I am thinking of bidding myself for this domain name, In the world, we live in right now Shopping Locally is what we are all having to adapt too and I think this could be built very easily into a local portal for a specific town/area or used to build something bigger – ShopLocal.Net is/was owned by Rupe Enterprises LLC & It looks like they picked it up previously on another drop from it original owners back in 2014 and paid $170 for the domain name, in 2008 – was sold for $605 on GoDaddy too – So would bid on this and flip it again or develop it out?

Track & Bid on

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