GoDaddy Domain Auction – Robbie’s Picks 11th of May with Zero Bids

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GoDaddy Domain Name Auctions for the 11th of May, today we have not just included domain names that have multiple bids, we have a small selection of three domain names with only Zero bids and ending within the next 24 hours. – Zero Bids the plural sold for $1,588

18 Years Old, over 87 Million Google results when doing a broad search for the term Forensic Security, The domain name has expired after

Are you going to bid on the name – Click here and be the first get it cheap, it ends in under 24 hours! – Zero Bids, could you bring life to this domain name?

SAAS “Software As A Service” – Popular term Salesforce is the perfect example using software as a service – will you be bidding? – Zero Bids and similar “Fire” domains have brought $$$ – $,$$$

This domain name while might not seem a standout, could be the next brand for someone and it has Zero bids right and shall expire after six years, similar domains such as sold for $900, for $3,700 will you bid $12?

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