GoDaddy Domain Auction – Robbie’s Picks 12th of May with Zero Bids

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Here are my top picks below on Godaddy Domain Auction for the 12th of May with Zero bids and ending in less than 24 hours, Would you be interested in signing up for a list of a domain name in an auction that I don’t post publically for free?

I am thinking of creating a daily list of names that I believe could earn reasonable returns, These are all Handpicked Domain Names and would appear on a domain I own called it’s currently parked but one I have been considering developing into a closed list of available to register Domain Names or Expired Domain Name Auctions.

The list would remain free to use and would either be affiliate linked to earning us revenue or we might have a single sponsor and no affiliate links – What’s everyone thoughts would you sign up to this service if it’s FREE? – This domain name is 18 years old, and was owned by a business named as Network Orange – Back in 2005 was the last archived page, I could find and at the time it described themselves “Network Orange is a boutique provider of technology services for small to mid-size businesses” – Similar Orange domain names have sold, for example, – $3.5K, – $500 & – $577 so not megabucks but could be a nice flip if you get at a good price in the auction – The domain ends in under 24 hours and had Zero Bids at the time of posting.

Are you bidding going to bid on – This domain name is 8 years old, currently has ZERO bids and expires in 24 hours. Similar domain names, for example, have sold – $2,595, – $1,500 & – $1,500, The domain was first captured on archive way back in 2002 by California Key Connections Inc then at some point looks to have expired before being picked up again 8 years ago and was an FX platform at one point then eventually was closed with “Coming Soon” Page – So what could you do with this domain name, Build it, Flip it or Park it?

Are you going to Bid on – This domain name is 14 years old, I am not here to judge on Smoking domain names – I used to be a smoker myself until around 12 years ago when I decided to quit and honestly have never gone back to cigarettes again but like I said, I am not here to preach… This domain could be used in a number of ways – Write a blog, Tell people your story of how you quit smoking or even sell smoke-free products such as patches, gum and other essentials when wanting to kick the habit – Similar domains have sold for sold for $1,888, – Sold for a cool $4,200 but you do have others for less than $100 like

Are you going to bid on

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