GoDaddy Domain Auction – Robbie’s Picks 13th of May with Zero Bids

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Happy Humpday everyone! Middle of the week and lockdown starts to ease over here in the UK with employees being allowed to return to there places of work and certain recreational activities being allowed to start again such as Golf Courses reopening, while my golf game is terrible, it did make me think of Golf domain names so I have one featured below a 22-year-old domain name dropping today.

I can see after I post these it’s not long before most receive bids, yesterday post wasn’t as popular though with only being a domain that received bids after the post, so I shall take that note, I would ask if there is a particular theme/age / TLD etc you really want to see then let me know and I can review, otherwise, I shall just keep posting domains that interest myself & hopefully you too. – This 22-year-old domain name has had a few owners over the years and I believe its best possibilities would be getting developed into a Golf Directory with being the shorten version, There are thousands of Golf Courses all over the world, so if you do this correctly you could make some big bucks if you can get the SEO right, could become the place to go and find a Golf Course Near You. – Don’t want to develop it well similar domains have sold for – $2,016, – $5,000

Bid Now on – Ends at 5/13/2020 8:07 PM (BST) – We all know about Newyork Minute but what about a Newyork Moment? This 11-year domain name is the expired GoDaddy domain name auction with picking up it was registered back in 2001, other moment domains that have sold are – – $799, $910 & more New York Domains such as – $4,950 – The big apple is one of my favourite places to visit in the USA and the reason that I bought to be developed in the future.

Bid Now on – Ends at 5/13/2020 9:38 PM (BST) – Crypto domains always seem to be hot on auction drops, I have never bid on any myself but sold for $1,875 and others such as – $3,479 and I noticed the plural had ZERO bids today and seems like its worth the $12 bid maybe the owner of CryptoHub.Club might want to upgrade which is a developed site or the owner of might wish to acquire…

Bid Now on – Ends at 5/13/2020 8:54 PM (BST)


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