GoDaddy Domain Auction – Robbie’s Picks 14th of May

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Thanks for continuing to read Robbies Blog and the GoDaddy Domain Auction posts, I was asked by a couple of readers to start pulling together aged domain names at GoDaddy Domain Name Auctions, so while I have Zero Bid Domains listed, I now also have compiled a list of aged GoDaddy Domain Names in auction – If you want to see something, in particular, leave a comment or contact me. – This domain name is 8 years old, back in 2012 it was being used for an affiliate program model to sell ebooks on how to become a virtual assistant, similar domain names such as sold for $888, Virtual Assistants are big business and a lot of people use them around the globe to outsource and save money to help them complete tasks – Could you develop this domain name into a portal where you set plan and set tasks for your Virtual Assist – Zero bids and expires in the next 24 hours. – Are you bidding? – This domain name is 14 years old and expiring again, this isn’t the first time it has been on the GoDaddy Auction block with it being sold before for less than $100, are you interested this time in acquiring it and developing it into a blog or a forum for Cowboys Football? Similar domains such as sold for $999 – Zero bids and expired in the next 24 hours. – Are you bidding? is only 3 years old and zero bids, a Google search brings up Therapy technique which is described as “Chronos is a treatment that repairs marks that time may leave on the skin. The therapy prevents and repairs damage to the skin over time without using injections.” Not something I plan on having done to myself but could be flipped to a therapy company who specialised in Chronos or similar techniques. – Are you bidding?

***New Feature***

Ten Aged GoDaddy Domain Name Auctions 20 Years+ – 20 years 10 months – 21 years 8 months – 20 years 1 month – 20 years 10 months – 20 years 1 month – 20 years 1 month – 21 years 2 months – 24 years 1 month -24 years 1 month – 21 years 8 months

Please let me know what you think of this new Aged GoDaddy Domain Name Auctions feature of 20 Years old plus domain that expires within the next 24 hours – All feedback is always appreciated, thanks once again for stopping by today’s blog post and Good Luck Bidding!

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