GoDaddy Domain Auction – Robbie’s Picks 8th of May

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GoDaddy Domain Name Auctions for the 8th of May, today we have not just included domain names that have multiple bids, we have a small selection of three domain names with only 1 bid and ending within the next 24 hours.

Do you like these auction names from GoDaddy? Do you want to see more? – This domain name is 8 years old, was owned by Professional LLC who also own the domain names,, which offers domain name development and websites to Chiropractic and Dentistry surgeries, comparable domain names that sold are for $1,100 &, at the time of writing there was only 1 Bid for for $12

Shall you be bidding on – This domain is 14 year old, It was owned by and appears to have been left to expire from the portfolio, Buy Domains Inc was purchased by Endurance International back in 2014 and took ownership of this huge portfolio of domain names – There is only one bidder so far at $12 and this would be a great name to own and could be flipped to a filtration business or charity organisation providing Clean Pure Water.

Shall you be bidding on – This 12-year-old domain name, was once a developed fan website for soccer team FC Dynamo Kyiv, since late 2013 it appears to have ceased services and now has dropped, similar Dot Com domain names ending in TV have sold for – $5,200, – $1,299, – $1,771 – At the time of writing this domain have 1 bid of $10 and looks like a good investment to me for a couple cups of coffee.

Shall you be bidding on

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