GoDaddy Domain Names At Auction Bids & No Bid Domains

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The Sedo auctions were very popular yesterday in my daily auction posts, but the GoDaddy Auctions still continue to be what is driving the most volume to individual pages over a 24 hour period, we are trying to add more as mentioned with likes of now becoming a new feature and we do have another couple of platforms who are in talks with us about adding there domain inventory to the site.

Today’s list of domains that have caught my eye over at GoDaddy is the following domains below., its ending in under 24 hours and we wrote another post to see where you think it will close, you can still vote here. – We are all learning how to cook more at home in the lockdown. – We need to wash our hands and keep them clean to stop the coronavirus spreading. – Could this be a great name for BitCoin? – This short .CC has was at over $700 – 21 years old and only $75 at the time of writing. – 13 years old and ZERO Bids at the time of writing. – 18 years old and Zero Bids at the time of writing. – Zero Bids and great brandable domain that you could turn into the next Skyscanner – Zero Bids and nearly 22 Years old – Grab this aged beauty cheap!

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