15 x GoDaddy Domain Names In Auction with and without Bids.

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Todays GoDaddy Domain Name Auction list of Bids and Zero Bid Domain Names

Some nice aged domains below with Zero bids and the one I really like is idCube.com, I think this could flip for a few $,$$$ if you can get it cheap enough, what’s your thoughts on the domains below?

DrivingPlus.com – Great name for a Driving School or software to improve your driving, some have even said it could be used for Golf to improve your “Drive” – 17 years old and 10 bidders at the time of writing this post.

DayBird.com – We talk about Night Owls are you a Day Bird? – 16 years old and 6 bidders going after this domain name closing today.

VideoSync.com – As more of us are using Zoom, Teams, Meetings, Hangout etc, One thing I have been noticing does the Video and Audio always Sync? Could this be the software/website to offer a solution and ensure you Video and Audio Sync? – 17 years old and 13 bidders fighting out for this domain.

Gil.net – Not a lot to say about this name apart from its a short LLL.net and 25 years old! – Bidding Ends Soon be quick…

HalloweenBash.com – It might a few months away buts better to acquire when not in season to keep the costs low, 20 years old and ends in less than 2 hours.

FuelClean.com – 17 years old and a nice name for a company selling Fuel additives to ensure engines are kept clean.

SpaceTourism.net – An industry that will become large one day in the future, maybe not our lifetimes… Was only at $35 at the time of writing, 18 years old.

NatScience.com – 14 years old and $32 at the time of writing nice short name for Natural Science possibly…

idCube.com – Zero Bids, several ID names have sold for $,$$$

Ownnr.com – Cheap Brandable domain – Zero Bids.

HotelF.com – Zero Bids, If your Hotel name starts with F this could be your ideal domain

Endor.net – Zero Bids and 23 Years old.

Bishop.tv – Zero Bids, Churches and Cathedrals arent open, more and more sermons are online, could you own the brand Bishop TV

NationalMeetings.com – Zero Bids, now more than ever we are all getting together across the nation, own National Meetings, 18 years old.

Windshield-Repair.com – Zero Bids, I know not everyone loves hyphen domains but if developed out this exact match domain could do well.

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