Good News for Domainers – Internet Registrations rise to over 246 million Tlds

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Good News for Domainers – Internet Registrations rise to over 246 million Tlds.

Why you might ask is it good news for Domainers? Well with 246 million domains being registered means we are seeing a growing demand for domain names globally, As many of us had the foresight to purchase generic and exact match domains many years ago while the internet was in its infancy, We have been able to secure the best domains that the public shall want…

Look at the marketplaces like,,,,, and many others these companies above are selling Millions of Dollars of combined domain name sales every week.

Ok I know domain registrations are up and that doesn’t always equal domain sales being up but we know that as more people come online they learn that buying a domain name like might sound like a great idea at the time but in a few years Robbie is going to realise that if I owned – I would get more leads which can convert to more sales and that is when domainers like us get the opportunity to sell or start a Joint Venture like what Rick Schwartz has set up.

It has taken a long time for the world to finally begin to understand the internet and what it can do for them personally or with their business and I personally believe that 2013 shall be a great for domaining as we shall start to see more demand than ever for our domain names.

Here is a report below about Q3 Domain Name Registrations from

If you thought Q3 of 2012 was a little slow, the internet world suggests otherwise. This period saw more than five million domain names being added to the worldwide web according to a Domain Name Industry Brief published by VeriSign Inc. With this, the total number of registered domain names as of September 30, 2012 has crossed more than 246 million worldwide across all Top-Level Domains (TLDs) i.e. .com and .net.

The report from Internet infrastructure services provider Verisign suggests that with 5.7 million new domain names being registered, it is a growth of 2.4 percent over the second quarter of 2012. For the industry, this marks the 7th quarter in a row to have achieved more than 2% growth. A Verisign statement suggested that worldwide registrations have grown by 26.4 million or 12 percent since the third quarter of 2011.

The TLDs experienced aggregate growth in the Q3 2012, reaching a combined total of 119.9 million domain names in the adjusted zone for .com and .net. This is a 1% increase in the base over the Q2 2012 and a 7.1 percent increase over Q3 2011.

What are your thoughts for 2013 and the Domain Industry?

Have A Merry Christmas Everyone – Happy Holidays!

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2 Comments on "Good News for Domainers – Internet Registrations rise to over 246 million Tlds"

  1. Here are My thoughts | 26/12/2012 at 06:38 | Reply

    In 2013, I think that the gtld’s will fall flat on their sorry-ass faces.

    They are all stupid and, for the life of me, I can not see a business person building a foundation on a .CRAPOLLA tld when, clearly, it is preferable to obtain the .COM version.

  2. Here are My thoughts | 26/12/2012 at 06:43 | Reply

    …and before someone asks the domain whiner’s rhetorical question, “But what if the .com version can not be purchased for a reasonable amount?”, let me ask it for you.

    My answer: “Start savin’ up!”

    Just as homes typically require a mortgage now, I predict that .com’s will similarly require a significant amount of capital in the future.

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