Google Launches Hangouts on its own domain… Guess what TLD?

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So everyone knows about Google.XYZ and the story is still running on many blogs and news outlets this week, When I read that Google was launching Hangouts on its own domain name, I instantly thought what extension are they using… Is it .XYZ?

Turns out they choose to use a Sub Domain Name –  The domain name & Hangouts.XYZ are both registered but not owned by Google Inc.

Why did Google choose this time to use a sub domain?

They have the funds and I am sure they could have purchased or Hangouts.XYZ if they wanted to own it. – Google does however own

Here is the story below.

Google has given Hangouts a brand new home on the web. As of today, the messaging and video chat service is no longer buried inside of Google+ and Gmail: you can now just head to to start talking. The site puts Hangouts’ three key features — instant messaging, voice calls, and video chats — front and center, with big buttons to start up each of them. It’s definitely going to be a much easier way to use the service for people who aren’t always inside of Gmail.

Google has been putting a lot of work into Hangouts

Hangouts has been getting a lot of attention from Google over the past couple months. The Hangouts app has been overhauled on both iOS and Android, bringing it up to date with Google’s Material Design style and making the service a bit easier to use.

This is perhaps an obvious service for Google to put some work into. There’s already a huge base of people with Google accounts who are able to use Hangouts; by giving the app a modern design and a broken out web service — much like Facebook has done with Messenger — Google is starting to make Hangouts into something that only a casual Google user may be able to start using.

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