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An article in today explains how Google is dominated the online market by being the most popular domain registered, That is in extension terms.

A study by Domain Tools reports that Google is registered in 231 of the world’s 300-odd top-level domains (TLDs) – from the obvious,, and to

It’s closed rival was “nic” which is registered in 32 less at 199 of the worlds top level domains, Something I didnt know that was covered in the article is that “every one of the almost 2,000 hopefuls applying for new TLD with ICANN currently will be contractually obliged to register nic.tld to themselves”

The article goes on to cover “The DomainTools survey also found that hotel-related terms are wildly populous. The string “booking” is registered in 193 TLDs, while “hotels” and “hotel” have 193 and 188 respectively.

Other brands showing up in the top 20 strings included Amazon, Microsoft, Yahoo and Nokia.

The same survey also found that 75 per cent of names registered in .com are not registered in any other TLD.”

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