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Contactless.Delivery – Do you use it? So many of the original readers to know that this was set up mainly to talk about domain names, however, I am planning to write more about multiple numbers of topics and I understand some won’t be of interest to Domainers like the two post seen this week about keeping kids entertained during the school lockdown or how to bake bread :).

I do still purchase, register and sell domain names but not at the same scale in the past, my portfolio was once around 5000 domain names, now it’s down to around 150 domain names primarily Dot.Com and Dot.Co.UK domain names, but overall my ownership of domain names is down 97%…

I find myself using mainly & for my domain registration – Who are you using?

We have a few legacy domains at but these are being moved out before expiration and transferring them

Something that I don’t own many  of are GTLD’s, I have registered a few here and there – One GTLD domain that I picked up recently was Contactless.Delivery – It is sitting over at and I was actually surprised to see that it receives type in traffic… Not staggeringly high traffic but still traffic.

During March it received 158 UV and while traffic has dipped a little, it still seems to receive daily traffic with people typing in Contactless.Delivery into there browsers, I would love to know the breakdown of users Geolocation – I am know sure if supplies that information, does anyone else know this?

I don’t plan to go big on GTLD’s as I have been domaining for 12 years now and being honest kinda stuck in my ways but I would love to know what type of Type in Traffic do you get from the GTLD’s that you own?

PS I hope you all don’t mind the other posts that might pop in Domaining now and then, I shall speak to Francois to see if we can hide these so the readers only get domaining related posts.

Take Care, Stay Safe & Wash Your Hands!


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