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Happy Easter to all that celebrate and to those that don’t I still wish you all a fantastic Sunday 🙂 how has your weekend been? I have been enjoying some great R&R time with the family as it’s a public holiday here in the UK on Good Friday & Easter Monday meaning, we have a 4 day weekend which is always welcomed after closing the Q1.

I was going through my usual NamePros posts across this thread from a Newbie investor, aptly named MrDomaining, I thought I would share as some of you might wish to give him some tips or advice as he has only just entered the industry, however, I think he did something very wise by sticking to his guns and investing only $85 USD as an experiment to see if he can double his money on some GEO + Service domain names.

The names he has registered most probably could be flipped / liquidated to other domain name investors very easily who are willing to hold / develop them in the longer term and I personally do very well out of GEO domain names, having sold hundreds probably close to over a thousand in the coming weeks as I close some more upcoming sales.

Anyway, if you have five minutes why not head on over to NamePros.com and give some words of advice.

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