Happy Hogmanay Everyone!

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Happy Hogmanay Everyone!

I am sure some people are looking wondering what the hell does “Hogmanay” mean?

For those that don’t already know I am Scottish and Hogmanay means the last day of the year in Scotland… So as many of my readers would normally write Happy NYE… Here we say Happy Hogmanay!

For those that want to learn a little more here is the link to Wikipedia where you can read about Hogmanay in more detail.



I want to take the time once again to wish you all a very Prosperous 2013 and for those countries that have already made to 2013 then Happy New Year!


I shall raise a glass for all my readers at midnight tonight while singing Auld Lang Syne and I hope you all have a great Hogmanay / NYE!

Anyone unsure of the lyrics of Auld Lang Syne the lyrics are below in this video!

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