Honest.com sold by Anything.com for $180k raises over $50 Million in Funding

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Honest.com sold by Anything.com for $180k raises over $50 Million in Funding

The domain name Honest.com was purchased in late 2011 for $180,000 by The Honest Company from one of the strongest generic DOT Com domain name portfolios owned by Anything.com as published by Mike Berkens at TheDomains.com back in Jan 2012.

Three months after buying Honest.com the company raised $27,000,000 in Series A Funding, Today they have announced another $25,000,000 in Series B Funding. The company is founded by Jessica Alba and Brian Lee who co-founded LegalZoom.com and ShoeDazzle.com

It is great to see this killer generic DOT Com domain name being turned into a powerful business with Millions of Dollars Invested in such a short space but could this be achieved if they were called Honest.co or TheHonestCompany.com? They own TheHonestCompany.com

Here is the story below.

Jessica Alba’s clean-living startupThe Honest Company – a subscription ecommerce service selling eco-friendly, non-toxic family-oriented products such as diapers, skin care and cleaning products — has closed a $25 million funding round, led by Institutional Venture Partners, and joined by Iconiq Capital.

Existing investors Lightspeed Venture Partners and General Catalyst Partners also participated in the round. The Honest Company has pulled in some $52 million in funding to date.

The subscription ecommerce startup, which gets customers to sign up for different monthly bundles of products and also sells via small scale partnerships with bricks-and-mortar retailers (such as this one), said it plans to use the new funding to accelerate growth initiatives, including international expansion outside the U.S. — describing its recent launch into Canada as a “positive” step for its growth.

It will also be channeling the funding into new product development, to continue building out the range of items it offers, and said it plans to improve its distribution capabilities and brand accessibility, likely by adding more retail partners.

The Honest Company has apparently managed double-digit growth since its launch in January last year, but isn’t breaking out any more detailed traction data at this point. Its growth figures have managed to impress VCs, although the visibility of Alba — an actress who only has to buy her co-workers coffee to get a write up in the Daily Mail — can’t hurt.

The company also promotes its products via its own tips-focused blog for families. And, in keeping with its clean-living image, helps connect its customers with non-profits via partnerships that have led to more than 30,000 families making donations of product and time since the service kicked off.

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