How do you guys sell brandables?

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Today: Expired Lists vs Active Auctions / Is it illegal to sell or use fb.something domain name? / Sold for $90,600; for $26,000 / And more.

Here are the new discussions and domain name news that caught my eye today. – please appraise thank you! – How much would you appraise this domain for?

Renewing name before its sold at auction – Now this just sounds shady. What are your thoughts? – Do domains like this one have much value?

Is it illegal to sell or use fb.something domain name? – How about it everyone? Is there any legal ground to stand on if someone buys those two initials? Sold for $90,600; for $26,000 – Some recent domain sales reports to keep you motivated/

Expired Lists vs Active Auctions – Which ones the best to acquire some good investments? Do you have a formula you can share?

How do you guys sell brandables? – Anyone care to share some tips and tricks to sell these types of niche domains?

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