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How To Buy Real Estate Domain Names – We all know that über domainer and real estate agent Rob Grant is the king of “Real Estate Domain Names” but I came across this article on a new site called –

They have an article on How To Buy Real Estate Domain Names – It is worth a read and lets hopefully the uneducated End users (Realtors) realise that owning a killer real estate domain shall bolster their business and bring in sales and leads aswell give customers the safety that they are the leader and number one realtor in that market.

“Believe it or not there is an art to a name. Your proverbial company “XYZ Real” might be good for branding, but it probably has little value to property searches online. Understanding how buyers search for properties is one of the hidden secrets to domain name selection. Buyers use Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines to get to your website or blog. The keywords that they use are often location specific. You can choose a name that points to your website or listing that has actual search value in it.”

The article goes on to discuss Real Estate Domain Names to Avoid registering

“It can be tempting to use a property address in your name but don’t do it. Search engines rarely rank names with numbers. This means that “” sounds great to you and not so great to search engines. Another thing to avoid is the use of hyphens. Just because a name is not available does not mean hyphens are necessary. Rarely will you ever see a domain name ranked in search engines that is full of hyphens. Names like “” should always be avoided.

Names with extensions like .info, .us, .biz, .me and others might be cheap to purchase but are known to have zero search value. The sweeping updates that Google performs every month or two has played a big part in wiping out these names from search results. Getting creative with your keywords and selecting one of the top-level domain name extensions offers the best results”

It’s worth a read – Check out the full story here.

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