How to contact and negotiate with big corporations

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Today: Tax on Domain Sales in the US / From $1,000 offer to a $28,000 sale / sold for $6,750! / And more.

Here are the new discussions and domain name news that caught my eye today:

How many domains do you sell a month/year? – Care to share? – How much would you appraise this geo domain at?

What is the demand for .pw domains – Anyone following this extension and have some statistics to share?

Tax on Domain Sales in the US – Anyone have some tax advice for the domain industry?

From $1,000 offer to a $28,000 sale – I always love to hear sales stories like this. It’s inspiring see how others negotiate and counter. sold for $6,750! – Nice to see that .tv domains are still pulling 4 figure sales.

How to contact and negotiate with big corporations – Share and learn with other domain investors.

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