How to safely sell a domain name

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Today:   Dictionary word .Net or .Org are worthiness / General .at and .es discussion / Sold for $49,000; for $39,000 / And more.

Here are the new discussions and domain name news that caught my eye today. – The only mask party I was ever at was on Halloween. How much is this creative new gTLD worth?

Could someone advise me on the development of my domain? – Any developers out there with creative ideas? – Appraise – What kind of value would you put on this .org gTLD?

Dictionary word .Net or .Org are worthiness – What are your thoughts on this? Are they really worthless?

General .at and .es discussion – Are there any investors dealing in these two ccTLDs that care to discuss them more in-depth? Sold for $49,000; for $39,000 – Some recent domain sales reports to keep you motivated.

How to sell safely a domain name – With more new investors entering the market every day, this is a topic that always seems to be popular.

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